Meet the Team

Mark Lee

Head of Training

Mark is our company director, and due to his passion for aviation has amassed over 4000 hours of flying time, with a vast experience in teaching people to fly. Mark still flies commercially.

Benjamin Micallef

Chief Flight Instructor

A fully qualified commercial pilot, Ben joined us last year. His flying experience and personable qualities add real value to the flying school.

Dan Abel

Compliance & Maintenance Manager

Dan’s role is to keep the fleet safe. An avid aviator himself, he knows the safety aspects most important to students and makes these his priority.

Salvador Moya

Flight Instructor

Salvador is one of our newest Flight Instructors having joined the team earlier this year, and becoming known for his customer focus.

Si Sarkar

Flight Instructor

Si recently qualified as a flight instructor. His passion and enthusiasm for teaching people to fly really shines through.

Melanie Wheeler

Commercial Pilot & Ops

Mel joined Eden Flight Training with responsibility in Ops. Mel also does trial and air experience flights, so is a real asset to the team.

Matthew Falcus

Private Pilot & Ops

Matt has been a long standing customer of Eden Flight Training, and now Matt helps out doing air experience and trial flights. Matt is also on the committee for Friends of Durham Tees Valley Airport.


G-CHER- PA-38-112

G-BGGM - PA-38-112

G-BSOK - PA-28-160

G-FLAV - PA-28-160