Private Pilots License

The Private Pilots Licence permits you to act as the pilot in command of an aircraft for private use. A comprehensive qualification, the PPL syllabus includes both practical flight training and ground based study of everything you will need to know to pass the final flight test and obtain your licence. The UK PPL Licence is valid throughout the UK and Europe and is usually acceptable worldwide subject to individual national requirements.

The course is a minimum of 45 hours in the air before you can take your final Skills Test, which is the aircraft equivalent of a driving test. 25 hours must be dual (with an instructor) and 10 hours solo with you acting as pilot-in-command. 5 of your solo flight hours must be cross-country flights, i.e. away from your base airfield. The remaining 10 hours is built up of revision.

We offer the PPL as either a full time course, or as a part time course which enables you to fit the training in around your busy lifestyle (the more popular choice). The PPL is a great licence for someone wishing to progress their career in aviation, or for someone who has always had ‘learning to fly’ on their wish list.

Below is a link to a video of a student that came to us recently, and did a full time PPL.!ABDF_XojuxRg31o