Terms & Conditions

Eden Flight Training Limited – Terms and Conditions

1. All courses set out in our literature are subject to demand and availability.

2. Acceptance of a student onto a course does not automatically signify that the student will be credited with the licence or rating, nor does it imply that the student is assured of passing the appropriate examinations or flight tests. Neither does it imply the student’s suitability for employment as a pilot following successful training and testing.

3. All prices will be quoted/charged inclusive of VAT where applicable. In the event of increases in the cost of fuel, landing fees or CAA fees, the company reserves the right to levy a supplementary charge equivalent pro rata to the hourly charges for the anticipated flying hours remaining.

4. All course fees are correct at the date of current literature, but may be subject to change at short notice. EFT reserves the right to withdraw any published courses prior to commencement.

5. EFT reserves the right to charge a £30.00 “no show” or late cancellation charge where appropriate.

6. Upon termination of a student’s training by the company or the student, for whatever reason, the balance of all outstanding fees for training in respect of that student shall immediately become payable.

7. EFT will create and maintain records for the student’s training, which will be kept for the period required by the Civil Aviation Authority or other regulatory bodies, and will be available to authorised persons for inspection. Such records will be also available for the student’s perusal and additional comment.

8. Students must conduct themselves in a disciplined manner at all times; obey the rules and regulations of EFT, and the instructions of its management and instructors; make themselves familiar with, and comply with, the training, Airfield Operations Manual and EFT’s Operations Manual. EFT reserves the right to terminate a student’s training for failure to comply with the above.

9. EFT reserves the right to terminate a student’s training for any reason at the discretion of the Head of Training.

10. We offer discounted rates for opening an account with EFT, therefore money held on account will become non-refundable after 30 days from payment. This is due to instructor and aircraft allocation. Beyond this time period, funds are transferable onto gift vouchers.

11. Upon termination of a student’s training either by EFT or the student, EFT will make available the full student training records within 14 days from the request.

12. EFT will endeavour to assign the student the same instructor, but does reserve the right to change a student’s instructor at any time.

13. All flight and ground training is subject to the health and ability of the pilot, suitable weather conditions, and the availability of instructors and aircraft.